Did you detect connection attempts from this host (survey05.hackertarget.io)?

The observed connections are part of a computer security research project conducted by Hacker Target Pty Ltd a well known and established information security provider.

This research activity involves a number of harmless attempts to connect to every live IPv4 address. The survey is conducted periodically and the data is made available to information security researchers. In addition the data is used by organisations around the world to understand the security of their own public facing networks.

No attempt is ever made to exploit security issues, guess passwords or change configurations. Only information that is publicly available is ever surveyed. Typically this is the service banner of common TCP ports (such as identifying a web server technology).

The project utilizes best practice scanning processes and all survey machines have a reverse DNS entry that resolves to survey##.hackertarget.io to assist network operators in identifying the connections as non-malicious.

If you wish to opt out of this program for future surveys - please send an email to survey-admin -- at -- hackertarget.com with details of your IP address, or CIDR netblock.

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